Slow days particularly Monday morning can be a nightmare, one minute you leave on Saturday thinking you will have a good start to the week and then no shows or cancellations can turn the whole week around.

The best way to go about this is to already be prepared with your lists and if in the event one day does go 'pear shaped' you will know where to start.

You can send sms and emails but sms are in ‘real’ time and more often than not the customer will have this on her person so it’s faster and more effective in my opinion.

If you decide you need to fill some spaces remember to look at who has booked in for the next week and perhaps your apprentice can do the leg work on this one.

What we don’t want hear is for your clients to be waiting for you to text them which will stop them using your re-booking service.

So having a few different lists will assist you and let’s not forget your ‘old lost clients’ who would be perfect for these last minute deal breakers.

Remember these are simple ideas and suggestions that I have used in my salon and might not ‘fit’ with your salon so be creative and include time, no products that your apprentice can do or junior staff like treatments, labour intensive that cost you next to nothing to purchase.

Special offer.1
Ladies cut with half price men’s cut, must be accompanied for great discount, only 4 available today only

Offer 2
Best friend day and you both get half price colour and cut. Must be accompanied. Today between 2-5 only 3 available.

Offer 3
Package makeover over (you will already have a package in mind for this) with FREE Pedi or Manni Your choice - 10 only at this price - book today only $x

Offer 4
This week special offer, "New for Old" bring in your old shampoo and conditioner bottles and get 25% off Redken (or substitute)

What sms are you sending to your clients on days like this?

Talking about SMS do you do it from your mobile phone or your PC?

Here is a tip -

If you SMS From your Smart phone, Activate SKYPE - Add some money to your Skype account, and SMS From Skype, it is the cheapest way to SMS on the market.

If you have a PC, download Skype and again, add some monies and SMS from your PC.

Remember, often it is the little things that can add to your bottom line.