To work this out you need to know the Value of a client, see the other thread for this which will assist you in this.

Once you know the value of the client you can actually pin point how much you will lose if you do not get your staff to follow the re-booking procedures that will ensure that your salon is working to it's maximum potential regardless if Spring or Summer.

Re-bookings are one of the most important Key performance Indicators/benchmarks that need to be tracked weekly.

We have supplied a table for you to see as an example only as to how much money you could potentially be leaving on the table without using this tool to assist your business grow.

Figures suggest that one you really start training your staff in re-booking procedures how a salon book changes from 30% empty to 70% full!

Those figures I feel can go higher - yes that's right higher.

How? by giving staff recognition - I would suggest is that each week when you have your staff meetings, you ask each staff member how they went with re-bookings.

Get them to actually give you numbers. Make sure that each one who re-booked any gets a clap. then the one with the highest re-booking figure not only gets a clap but something silly like, 3 Ferorro Rocher Chocolates.

Often it is about recognition - recognition of work done well = a rinse and repeat by that staff member and in fact all staff members.

We all like recognition don't we?

We have discussed when the best time to up-sell to clients is and we will now discuss the best and proven method of the question of when to ask about re-booking your salon clients in again.

There are two absolutely essential times in the process of a clients stay with you from when she walks in to walking out.
This issue is extremely important to the growth of your Salon.

1. Consultation or
2. When the style cut/blow wave complete

During the consultation you will have already gone through the clients expectations, discussed any retail that you are going to recommend through the procedure of the Personal Product recommendation (PPA) as previously discussed.

To achieve the style that the customer is looking for you will first have to ask if they want to maintain the agreed look and style as discussed.

If the acknowledges that with a ‘yes’ and is committed then this is where you can easily discuss the re-booking issue.
Ask her how long does she usually go between visits

It is at this crucial time you must advise her in your opinion if the times scale she is suggesting is a reasonable one and if not then you come to an agreed compromise.

Be enthusiastic of this decision and that the client will be informed that the new hair program will now be done in a systematic way to achieve maximum results. We now need to promote the benefits

a. less time in the salon and also less time doing her own styling at home.
b. Also if you are participating in an incentive scheme through the re-booking system this is also an additional strong compelling g bonus for her to re-book on the agreed time, women love to save money don’t they..

If she says “no’ it’s too often you will have to use your diplomacy here and if you come to an agreement then you have now ‘set the scene’ for a re-booking.

You can ask them can you arrange for a re-booking later on.

Not all clients want/need such a regimental way of appointments and their lifestyle just do not allow them to do so, don’t take it personally if they say ‘No’.

If she says “No’ do not mention this again.

When the style cut or blow wave completed This is another crucial positive feel good factor time to bring up the re-bookings aspect as per above but honestly when the consultation is taking place is far better. Some clients have already switched off or busy texting and getting ready for their next step in their very busy day.

Go through the above system as described.

At the Till

This will no longer be an issue because your client would have already mutually agreed the re-booking system. Make sure you do this re-booking in before you take for her service as otherwise you will be inclined to forget this.


It is imperative that your staff are trained to do this all in exactly the same way.

They can put their own spin on this but you need to be able to see and hear what is being said by your stylists, in return for this system they will become more confident as they will begin to see that their book/columns are filling up rather than half empty.
Have a mini training session with ‘role playing’ and this is a fun way of learning. I would always buy the girls pizzas after work just to say ‘thank you’ whilst we got on with the training.

The Personal Product Advice system you will find sitting in the VIP section.

We have provided you with some illustrations as to how much money is being 'left on the table' by salons.

These figures are quite an eye- opener.

I would love you to share how you get your staff to re-book...

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