Below are some tables that will assist you to determine how much each client is worth. For this example we have concentrated on ladies haircuts, color and color and cut.

This is an example and this does not and will not be the figures for your salon as each salon is unique in their own way. The principle should assist you in working this out for your own salon.

Women’s haircuts $50 each x 8 per year $400
Women’s color and cut $300 each x 8 per year $2400
Women’s color only $250 each x 8 per year $2000

Plus on top of that figure are the products/ retail your client may/may not purchase

Shampoo x 6 per year @ $30 each $180
Conditioner x 6 per year @ $30 each $180
Styling product x 4 per year @ $30 each $120

Total per year is $480

So based on all that the figures are interesting but also makes you more aware of how much you need to offer them extra incentives to keep them loyalty cards spring to my mind.