How much will you gain by offering 10% discount for Re-booking?

How many times do we have this ongoing talk in our heads if we give away too much this will eat into our profits especially if you have kept your prices low with little margin left.

Many salons have come to realize that ‘loyalty’ schemes are a part of our culture now and if you take a simple look at your local Coffee shop who will reward you a free coffee if you buy 8 then you see what I mean.

Mind you I am a tea drinker myself and have not put this to the ‘test’ and challenged them over this bias towards coffee drinkers.

What kind of loyalty scheme is working for you?

How to use your loyalty card

You will need to get your clients commitment to get this 10% of all bookings made through the year through the re-booking system. If cancellations are made outside the original agreed date then no discount will be made. There will be no financial gain to you.

We used to purchase our business cards through and are great value for money. My last purchase was for 1000 colour cards both sides for $64 inclusive of all charges!

You will need to get a separate loyalty card in place and this is because your clients need to go out with something tangible in their hands. Just check your purse and see how many you are carrying.

Embossed cards look very professional. You can put on this (Very Important Person) VIP.

We are able to provide you with a fabulous loyalty card design, all you have to do is just contact us.

We have devised a step by step guide to our loyalty scheme that worked for us and if you are interested contact us and I will send this to you.