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Thread: Is your Stock sitting on your shelf for months at a time?

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    Is your Stock sitting on your shelf for months at a time?

    It is extremely important that you are monitoring how long your stock has been sitting there.
    You can use your computer software to do this otherwise use your last invoices. Your shelf is your profit and unless you are shifting this at a reasonable rate then you must consider alternatives.

    You can explore the possibility if the salon is big enough to place another chair instead of the products. You will obviously have to weigh up the space involved in how much space is required for the products that are not selling over the chair that may bring you more revenue.

    Work out firstly how much income you will be making from the products

    Then work out how much income you could be making from a chair being used by either a paid member of staff or perhaps renting out the chair.


    Say you have 5 chairs in your salon brining in $5000 per week

    1 chair would bring in $1000

    Minus wages, super, holidays etc. $700
    Net profit per chair $300 per week

    Selling products

    You sell $1000 retail through the till in one week

    Profit from that is $500

    You will need to carefully work out that you will not take full capacity of the chair but having said that these figures are interesting.

    Are you having any problems getting stock off your shelves quickly?
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    Did you know you can have stock on consignment?

    Would this work for you I wonder. Instead of having so much money tied up in stock. Read this book to find out more.


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