View Full Version : Building your Business

  1. Rent do you know how much you should be paying?
  2. Is your stylist self promoting or does she just take appointments
  3. How do you get rid of that Client and still retain your image?
  4. Are you just treading water all the time?
  5. How many of you have a Facebook page and is this working for you
  6. Consultations: Are your staff doing these correctly?
  7. What are your Re-bookings like?
  8. Is your Stock sitting on your shelf for months at a time?
  9. How much is your texting/sms costing you?
  10. Rental chair vs traditonal employment
  11. Do you know the value of your client
  12. How much are you losing by not re-booking your clients in?
  13. Are you getting client testimonials?
  14. What is the loss of Revenue by not booking clients in every 6 weeks, do you know?
  15. What are the Main 3 Key Performance indicators for your Salon
  16. Selling value added services on the phone
  17. How much are you spending on your Salon App?
  18. Do you really know what your customer is thinking?
  19. Are you "Grouponing" or "Couponing" your way to destitution?
  20. How to build your business in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs?
  21. How to Increase Beauty Salon Customer Base...?